Financial Flight Plan is a program devoted to fostering a community of financially capable students at the University of Oregon. Through our interactive campus-wide workshops, we provide lessons and resources to help students manage their money by budgeting and borrowing responsibly, understanding credit, and making informed decisions regarding their finances.

FFP topics include:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit management
  • Studying abroad
  • Preparing for work after college
  • Navigating work benefits and salary negotiations
  • Student loan repayment

Credit Management Workshop Recap

What do you know about building credit? At our latest workshop we went over how to read your credit score and report, building your credit, staying safe from identity theft, and resources to learn more information about credit. Here is a quick recap of what you...

Pathway Oregon – What Is It?

Oregon residents are being offered a generous scholarship program that has become a large topic of conversation among incoming freshman. Pathway Oregon is funding the education of 3,000 Oregonians who are Pell Grant eligible. Affording college is a daunting thought....

Study Abroad Workshop Recap

Did you miss Financial Flight Plan’s second workshop of the term? This workshop was all about letting students know about their financial aid resources related to a study abroad program. Here is a quick recap to get you caught up. The first step you have to take is...

5 Things To Do After You Have Filled Out Your FAFSA

TIME TO GET THE 2018-2019 FAFSA DONE! FAFSA is always lingering at the back of college students minds, but get rid of the lingering thought by completing your FAFSA today! In 2016 Federal Student Aid released the FAFSA application as early as October 1st – that...

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