Directions to Get Summer Aid!

The summer term is great for taking classes. You can enjoy the sunshine while you study and the classes are generally a bit shorter than the normal fall, winter, and spring terms. The financial aid office does offer financial aid during the summer term, but it will be primarily loans – direct student loans and parent plus loans. Here are the things you need to make sure you get done in order to get your summer financial aid.

  1. Fill out the 2016-2017 Summer Aid Application. This application will not take you long to fill out because it is only a few short questions about your academic plans this summer.
  2. Make sure that our office has a 2016-2017 FAFSA on file for you. If you received an award package during the regular academic year, odds are that we do have one on file for you. Since the summer term does fall into the current academic year we will not be able to use a 2017-2018 FAFSA.
  3. In order to receive an award package you MUST be registered in summer term classes. Federal regulations require you to be register in at least half time in order to receive financial aid. Half time is six credits for undergraduates and five for graduates.
  4. Once you have been offered summer term financial aid BE SURE TO ACCEPT YOUR LOANS ON DUCKWEB. This step is often forgotten about and once your summer term classes are done we cannot give you financial aid.
  5. If/when your parent is applying for a Parent Plus Loan make sure you are applying for a 2016-2017 loan and that you are listing the borrowing period from June-September.

** Things to keep in mind**

If your enrollment levels change at all be sure to notify our office. We do have to adjust aid for half-time and full-time enrollment. Also, if you are taking classes during session one and three you will receive all your aid during session one and you will be responsible for budgeting the funds to cover both sessions. If you are only taking courses during session three you will receive your funds about a week before session three starts.


Enjoy your summer!


Written by: Karalyn Arnett