Pathway Oregon – What Is It?

Oregon residents are being offered a generous scholarship program that has become a large topic of conversation among incoming freshman. Pathway Oregon is funding the education of 3,000 Oregonians who are Pell Grant eligible. Affording college is a daunting thought. How will you manage student loans? Although there are ways a student can work through these struggles with the financial aid office, the University of Oregon is making it easier than ever for Oregonians to get a degree. Pathway Oregon is a promise to pay full tuition and fees.

Are you eligible for Pathway Oregon? If you meet all the criteria below you should call the financial aid office for more information on this scholarship or look for it on the financial aid award package that you will receive in March.

Selection Criteria:

  • Oregon residency
  • Graduation from an Oregon high school in the last two years
  • Admission as a first-time freshman
  • A minimum 3.4 cumulative high school grade point average on a 4.00 scale
  • Eligible for a Federal Pell Grant as determined by the FAFSA

Students who receive the Pathway Oregon scholarship are still strongly encouraged to apply for other scholarships as well. These other scholarships can be used towards housing, books and supplies, and other personal expenses that occur throughout the term.

To find scholarships students should visit the financial aid offices scholarship bulletin board, talk with an advisor from their department, and/or create a SALT account. More information on SALT here.

Not only are tuition and fees paid for as a Pathway student, you will also have a Pathway community for support, tutoring and friends. A part of this program is working with an advisor to select classes, creating a path to graduation, being able to talk to peer advisors for support and getting connected to resources on campus.

Interested in learning more about Pathway Oregon? Click here to visit their website and fill out the 2018-2019 FAFSA by February 15th to determine if you will be Pell Grant eligible.


Written by: Karalyn Arnett