Overview of the Program:


Financial Flight Plan (FFP) is a program devoted to fostering a community of financially literate and capable students at the University of Oregon. We want to empower students to take control of their financial future. Through our variety of services, we provide lessons, resources, and advice to help students manage their money and make informed decisions regarding their finances.



FFP Topics Include:

  • Money Management
  • Budgeting
  • Responsible borrowing
  • Protecting your identity
  • Credit management
  • Studying abroad
  • Preparing for work after college
  • Navigating work benefits and salary negotiations
  • Student loan repayment



Every term, we offer rotating workshop series focusing on financial literacy topics such as budgeting, credit management, studying abroad, and loan repayment. These sessions are typically an hour long, hosted on campus, and free to all students.

Additionally, we would love to host a workshop for your class, organization, or event. This is a free service; we just strive to make our financial literacy content as accessible as possible. Please submit a workshop request and our team will be in contact with you to assess your needs and how we can increase your financial literacy.



Individual Advising:

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships employs two peer financial educators, who help lead the workshops and offer one-on-one advising. They are equipped to discuss a range of topics regarding your finances, and have a wealth of information to offer based in research and their own personal experiences. They are available individual advising Monday-Friday, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today.


Meet Our Team:

Professional Staff

Spencer Smith

Student Staff

Ozzy Martinez

UO Peer Financial Educator (PFE)
Hometown: Portland, OR
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Minor: Spanish
What I hope to accomplish as a PFE: Help students that come from similar backgrounds as me feel more comfortable and less pressured with their financial situations.

Student Staff

Kyra Hanson

UO Peer Financial Educator (PFE)
Hometown: Creswell, OR
Year: Senior
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Entrepreneurship 
What I hope to accomplish as a PFE:
I want to provide my peers with accessible and applicable financial knowledge, whether that be through social media, blog posts, or workshops. 

Megan Weinman

UO Peer Financial Educator (PFE)
Hometown: Seal Beach, California
Year: Junior
Major: General Social Science
Minor: Entrepreneurship & Non-Profit Administration
What I hope to accomplish as a PFE: To create excitement around financial literacy while encouraging my peers to feel comfortable and confident in any and all financial endeavors they may encounter.

Alissa Campista

UO Peer Financial Educator (PFE)
Hometown: North Plains, OR
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Minor: Spanish
What I hope to accomplish as a PFE: Increase financial literacy and help students create and stick to a budget!